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Super Mario Run, the first Mario on iPhone, what will happen?


Super Mario Run is a bet for Nintendo, the one to release a game on smartphones in order to convince this public to (re) come on games and Nintendo game consoles.

There is a precedent for Nintendo: Pokémon Go. The star application of this summer has allowed the games Pokémon consoles to explode their sales. The latest releases, Sun & Moon, released in November, were sold at 3.7 million games in less than two weeks on the American continent (nearly 500,000 in France).

So the turn of the Italian plumber. Super Mario Run, designed especially for smartphones and tablets, is a platform game in 2 dimensions (like the first games on Nes), taking the graphic codes of New Super Mario Bros released especially on Wii.

One-finger acrobatics

The difference is that Mario runs alone, the levels scrolling with him. Indeed, to compensate for the absence of buttons, the players will only manage the jump, with a simple press on the screen.

Simplified to the extreme, the game offers yet challenge: by typing more or less strong, but also by relying on the elements of the scenery, Mario can jump differently, make rolls, climb the wall, etc. Movements necessary to harvest special parts, which will unlock new paths in the levels, with new special parts that will unlock new paths, etc.

Normal coins will be used as coins to unlock new elements of the game, in particular to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom.

A challenge mode is also proposed. It will ask you to go through randomly generated levels, and to score better than other players – thanks to acrobatics or your piece score – so, again, to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ready to pay?

The game is therefore very complete. Which brings a fundamental question: will it meet financial success? Because if it is downloadable for free, it will pay 9.99 € to unlock the entire game (only the first three levels are accessible without paying).

Almost 10 €, it is not expensive for a console game, which Super Mario Run is closer by the content and quality. This is expensive for a smartphone game, the vast majority of which are free (or require micro-transactions).

To conquer a public more volatile than its fans without selling off its mascot? The challenge of Nintendo is as daunting as a level of Super Mario Run.