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10 Tips for Boom Beach that you can not miss

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Boom Beach is a game similar yet different from Clash of Clans (do not confuse wanted, eh). I’ve done several articles on the Clash and after a while playing Boom Beach (where I have not progressed much), I decided to make items to give some tips or advice in this game.

In my opinion, the game is good but not as much as the Clash (joke, are different). It has its good and bad points, the problem is that those who come from the Clash of Clans , we expected the same or similar but improved instead found a game with very different things, for example:

No builders , constructions made of 1 to 1, of course, the good point is that the most lasting are 3 days and something, but when they see the peak of construction, that point is removed.
They give away more gems (supposedly), it is easy to save them , but … clash was more useful buy builders, here, ehm … Buy resources.
– troops out victorious from an attack may be re – used, but you can not do them while you are attacking (technical very useful in the Clash of Clans ).
– Among other things.

Well, I’ll mention the other game (yes, I got tired of typing the name, I was about to have it copied for only having to press ctrl + v) and focus on Boom Beach cheats. Also read about mage and minions hack by clicking the link provided.

Tips Boom Beach that will be of great help:

1. Organize your island or base is one of the first questions you ask yourself, is that, who likes to attack and rob him? For that reason, I will try to lead you a little design that you must have in your early levels, but yes, remember that everything has to be trial and error; and if you attack a strong opponent, little could you do with the design to succeed.

When you start the game about the top levels (where I will focus as it is a guide for newbies), I recommend you place the barracks by side (with no defense) and keep the village organized with other buildings and defenses, and if you put theheadquarters and all defenses in one place, and the other buildings in another, you’re giving your attacker all these points so you can throw missiles, heal, guide the troops, et cetera.

2. Take advantage of the trees as your Cuarte l, are a good source of wood when you have desire to attack or cannot find opponent. By this I mean not waste (yes, trees ).

3. To move from headquarters is the same as in the Clash, Do not turn up the barracks if other buildings are not the most! recalls that makes you more vulnerable (defenses) and is more difficult to make the other buildings (if not feel good and your resources are difficult opponents).

4. Diamonds are very precious, do not spend on unnecessary construction or accelerations. Surely you will need some time and regret, unless you want to spend money on the game and good … it is yours !. You can also get diamonds through achievement.

5. Enter every day and browse the map from your island you can pick up your daily bonus map and find chests that will offer free diamonds (yikes!
Our favorite word).

6. Keep updated your ships, the gunboat and your troops. If you have updated the ships will give you more army, if you update the gunship will have more points available and if you upgrade the troops will be stronger, therefore, it is essential to have a powerful attack on the levels that you handle you.

7. Attacks with intelligence, even if you do not have the flare to lead the troops, ships can drop on the side that suits you, if there are buildings without protection to take advantage of them turn up points to your gunboat and may have better support.

8. Take advantage of the option to explore ALWAYS, it is very helpful in making the right strategy to attack your enemy.

9. Try that whenever a building is completed, put another is a way to move faster in the game, I know it can be a bit difficult, but to get into these games you have to catch a little (well, you serve the advice I gave you the trees for when you’re busy and you get the Message that x construction finished). When your constructions are being done, attacks and improves the troops (yes you can improve troops at the same time a edifio) and when construction is finished, you can build again.

10. Do not forget to improve the sawmill and homes for more resources and radar , and thanks to him have the chance to explore new islands and to fill our precious resources. Moreover, the more you explore, you appear more chests.

Oh, I forgot .. Actually are 12 tips, here are the two NAPA:

11. When you have statues, use them, these will greatly help you throughout the game speeding up your productions. The easiest to get are fragments of life and ice, the others are a little more difficult, but not impossible, play on Wednesdays and Saturdays offers an island “Doctor Terror” where we have the opportunity to get them .

12. If the battle does not go well, that is, it is very likely going to lose, it is preferable to withdraw (yes, put aside pride please) as this will not kill your troops and you can use them again (only those that have left standing).

And that was it, if you liked, please share it on your social networks and help me to reach more people. If you do not play Clash of Clans , I recommend you try and read my articles about him, and that will help a lot.