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This publication is present as the first guide planned to introduce in the section of tutorials for Agar.io of our site; however, it has been necessary to rebuild their writing from scratch, due to certain technical problems that were not foreseen at the right time. Overcome the disadvantages, here we bring you were waiting tutorial on ” how to make the division in Agario “.

This is a much sought after item, since its use is all – important in Agario , and only those who give the best use, are those easily manage to move up to reach the Top 10 list in which are the best players in the server Agar.io .

Actually it is not difficult to achieve this “cherished area of the gods” , so to refer to the Top 10- if proper as evidence that our strategies and tactics used section of tricks to Agario , together with the knowledge that you can go you acquiring either on their own, or through informative websites like this.’

agario cells splitting


First of all, what is it ?; It means the partition of your cell , which means you have the ability to convert a cell into a pair of it, or several (although dividing between them the total mass). It serves primarily to ingest opponents lower mass than yours half, but has several other utilities (now, if you go down to the subtitle of advice you will see other of its most important uses).

This makes it necessary to make a detailed description of what to do in the three platforms for which Agar.io is currently available , which are respectively PC, iOS, and Android .

  • Dividing cells in the PC: it is necessary to make use of the “space” key , that elongated key located on the bottom of your keyboard. The number of times you press this button, your cell will divide, but remember to use this function with great discretion and intelligence, because if you divide an exaggerated manner, a larger competitor can ingerirte even in your totality. Try to divide you about two, or maximum three times.
  • Dividing cells in iOS: iOS we will realize that there has been an adaptation of the game available for PC ; ie controls and designs were adjusted so that possible be played on a device that makes use of the mobile operating system iOS, as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch . You are about to touch the button showing two separated by a slash cells to divide your cell; is under the function of ejecting mass showing a “look”.
  • Dividing cells in Android: Android the process is equal to iOS since no very obvious changes regarding the structure of the game and its interface; the buttons are located in the same place, so you’ll have to make use of which is under eject mass function (shows a look), to divide the cell. The button “from the cell” shows two of them separated by a line or bar. Take this opportunity to add that first version was presented Agario for Android , that of Agario for iOS .

The previous three vignettes refer to the three platforms that can play Agar.io moment, and in the last two can download and take your entertainment everywhere; there have been no versions for platforms other than the above, but in case there is a new, this publication will be updated.

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The dynamics of the game and the way a game unfolds based on the interaction of the various players, always fluctuates, this means that you never know what will happen, who will ally with whom, what player top 10 it will be ousted, or if a larger opponent will ingerirte; In any case, there are certain strategies and tips that can help you stay a little more aware of the situations that are occurring, and thus will resulting the possibility that you can handle them properly.

In the above sense, we bring you a list of 6 super tips to achieve better management give to his departure, to have the best performance, and if possible, get faster to the Top 10 .


A common mistake of many players, especially the newer and less experienced in Agar.io tend to split a number of times unnecessary , regardless that beyond allowing them move faster, or ingesting a certain amount of smaller cells, only it puts them at risk of reaching a higher opponent and take care of to terminate your game.

Now, you have to put a lot of care to the theory referring to the following: each time you divide your cell, proportional partition of the mass is also performed , which influences the size of each decrease and allow a larger opponent you eat.

It is advisable to split once especially when you are eating at a lower opponent (calculate that half of your mass is greater than the total opponent who want to eat). And in extreme case and you find that you can make great possibilities, you can divide yourself twice (outcome of course 4 cells). Remember, Be very careful with this functionality.


The greed in Agario is something that occurs very often, it is the joy of many and the despair of others . You present that occurs especially when the amount of mass you possess is totally insignificant, and when your amount of mass is absolute and you find for example in the Top 10.

The issue is that you try and get as much mass without putting some attention to other variables generated in the game. You could for example divide yourself many times, or pass between jagged circles on the need to eat other opponents, and at the end instead, an infinite mass loss could occur, or even end your game.

Not bad venture out in search of have a greater increasingly Agar.io size , but if you just think about it, and do not measure the consequences of certain acts we perform, we could reach totally unexpected troubles and worthy to shore up our negative feelings.


We could refer to players Agario that stand out for their size, and of course are part of the list of the Top 10 for the particular item, as if they were gods creators of the game and dictate what happens in the same … well, that is not true, however are important in the game because they can ingest almost any opponent who approach them, so most will have respect.

This is very good if we are really strategic , because when we started the game just have so little mass, so that an opponent of this size be interested to try ingerirnos. Therefore you can use them to go in search of prey near a cell large, and take advantage of the split function;when you see a greater opponent than you are tempted to chase for ingerirte, you can go quickly to where the cell in the Top 10, so that the opponent trying to eat, back since having widely greater mass than you could arouse interest cell Top 10.

Another way to take advantage of the great, but not always successful, is to approach them and eject them part of your body. Them to have so much of it, usually you return it and in quantities much higher than those originally them “you donated.”


There is a very interesting feature that can give you sample mass with which you count exactly Agar.io, we refer to activating the “mass level , ” and you can learn more about it in the publication: know my level Agario mass . You can use very well together with the advice that we will offer you in this issue of the list.

Many times we go in search of rapid growth, and for example we put our focus on a cell of good size but not exceeding in us, we try to be closer to swallow it , and as we see moving away faster, we use the “split cell” … the result could not be worse , because although it was smaller in size compared to our total cell to divide into two parts, will end up eating one of our halves, because if you have a mass greater than this.

With the example just raised, we try to tell you what is relevant and extremely important it isto consider the mass that we Agar.io (and through the counter that is activated by the “ground level” view that we lose ), so that situations such as that is not present. If you want toeat an opponent through the ” division of your cell “, estimates that your half is greater than its total mass.


As a player with advanced knowledge in Agar.io , in which you are making the use of sources such as this in which strategies, tips, and tricks to improve performance in the game are shared, you must have this other issue that you owe offer good interest: the things that happen around you .

Always look at the different situations that can estarse presented near the place where you are, you can be creating a reminder of the great you observed that were staying in a certain part of the map (as they are so big, it costs them to easily move around the sector, especiallyby jagged circles , so are best quasi – static). Based on what you can observe attempts tocreate ideas about what happens in the place, and if it is risky or not route specific action, such as divide your cell.

This issue will be provided fairly as your cell increases its size, it will have better visibility of the map compared to smaller cells.


First it is necessary to form an alliance with another player, so mutually supportive in the various processes of the game.

From this point, a great way to leverage the collaboration of another player Agar.io , is approaching an opponent to exceed by a “tad” to either of them, try eating wait for any of the two ( for example your partner), you see only half of his body has entered the range of the opponent, what you do is to bring your partner mass to overcome the opponent and finish eating it . They have achieved a bounty that can distribute evenly.

However, something happened in the previous example, which required use of “cell division”.And what we refer to ?, nothing more and nothing less than the contribution of mass .Every time you use the split function, one of your halves is expelled quickly , so you can generate rapid mass contributions to a colleague, without having to do it slowly for example with the function of ejecting mass.


Although this publication is the longest and most complete of those that have come to present on our portal http://agariohacktools.com , we must tell you that do not involve all the possibilities that can beachieved through the cell division in Agar.io .

The other options you will have to discover them, and certainly will because to get to websites like this, you show that you are interested in learning more advanced than the average player knows things Agario.