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Cheats for One Piece Treasure Cruise


The best tricks for One Piece Treasure Cruise in one entry. Learn how some players get to be more efficient in combat and achieve more points with combos. Here you will learn a little about items, evolutions, manuals, training equipment, letters or the importance of friends in the game.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a role playing game we stepped off the other day and we’re supercontentos and flawed. After accumulating some experience and interact with other players we can offer a number of tricks.

Trick 1: Items and drop probability

In each shift characters can drop items, which can take advantage of, how many and what kind? We beli bag, a box or even a character. Seize it! According to the islands, the probability of falling can increase special events, mainly depending on the difficulty. It’s pure luck but is well taken into account

Trick 2: Character Evolution

Evolve a character can be key in the game. Otherwise you’ll be late prosperous but luckily can be achieved without great difficulty. Choose the character to evolve is quite a while. The trick is that we leave Usopp Golden Pound evolve, because it has a special ability.

Tip 3: Use good manuals

With manual you can get to improve a skill. Each manual is unique and valid for a single character. Unfortunately if not used well no skill is achieved so watch this. Of course, we always give 5000 experience points. It’s something.

Trick 4: Specialize your team building

The best battle formation. It’s really hard to say this is the best because they all have pros and cons. However , according to the experience of many veteran players, very good results are achieved with equipment of only 1 type attribute only skill, strength only .. ie specialized.If you lose the attributes I recommend you reread the guide One Piece Treasure Cruise .

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Tip 5: Take your cards.

Eating certain cards can be counterproductive. For example seahorses, penguins, crabs or dragons is best reserved for characters evolve. As some have several evolutions, try to reach ask for more.

Trick 6: The more friends you better

It seems patently obvious but it is important to have friends, particularly a captain for his ability to captain.

And that’s all for now, here the collection of the best tricks for  One Piece Treasure Cruise guide. Would you have liked, you have your any that you think should be? Discuss and learn all well.