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Clash Cheats Royale: tips and strategies guide


Clash Royale is the latest attempt by Supercell to follow the path of success that began in Clash of Clans. We tell you what you must know to succeed in this new strategy game.

After the great success of Clash of Clans was abundantly clear that Supercell going to try to repeat a similar formylated. Children of the Finnish study have chosen not stray too far from the strategy, but have decided to take a different approach to their last title. And that Clash Royale mixes elements of Clash of Clans with strategy games cards , much like what you would see in works like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering -yes, Magic also has a game for iOS and Android-. However, the form that is approaching Clash Royale letters strategy is not very conventional.

To understand exactly what we are facing, we can say that Clash Royale gems hack no survey combines mechanical attack and units Clash of Clans with power ups . Each unit and every element that will give us more power is determined by a series of random letters, which are used by dragging them to the battlefield. We will control a king standing on a tower with two smaller on each side. Our goal will be to overthrow the enemy to win.

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How Clash Royale is played: Tricks key to winning

As happened with Clash of Clans, the easiest thing would be to rush like crazy to the action and see where they lead us in our footsteps. It is not so simple: we are talking about a strategy game, which means plan and measure very well what steps to take.That’s why we will give you a few tips to win in Clash Royale .

Getting gems Clash Royale, as important as gold

As happened in Clash of Clans, the gems are vital to progress in the game . There are two ways to get them constant in the game: scratching your pocket or winning battles. This is what in the jargon gamer is known as a process of grinding , where you have to repeat the same task many times to get the performance you expect.

There are other “special” events that will give us gems : complete missions or specific achievements and join a clan also serve for this purpose.

Coffers and treasures: key resources for victory

The chests are the way Clash royale free gems of giving rewards . There are two classes: automatic and “crowns”. Automatic chests are generated every four hours, and we areparticularly interested in silver, gold and magic.

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Moreover, chests “crowns” are obtained every 24 hours provided they have destroyed at least ten towers. These chests offer rewards at random, which vary between gold and gems letters.

These chests are opened after a time or spending gems. Our advice is to spend as few gems, the better, so open that take less during the game and let that take longer when you’re not playing, so they are ready to open when you return.

Cards, tools to plan our strategy

As mentioned, the issue of combining letters strategy is what is special about Clash Royale. These letters can be improved by spending gold , and are divided into three classes: common, rare and epic. There are 14 of each class forming a full deck of 42 cards, which with increasing rarity, harder to get become.

The strategy for selecting the cards is crucial. It is advisable to balance the letters of assault and combat , which is worth having at least one letter and another epic dispensable with which sap the strength of the target.

There are letters defeat other easily without you even being very powerful can not do anything. For example, a Valkyrie will make us a lot of damage in a tower, but the Minions will be killed immediately without her can attack them. Or the army of skeletons, which quickly destroy a giant. However, the Valkyrie will end soon Skeleton.

What are the best strategies to fight?

In Clash Royale, as we have already explained, there is a main turret and two secondary to tear down. The goal is to end the main turret : even if there are two high standing, who is first trips wins. To do so, the beginning of the game, it is advisable to go combining units or wear like Skeleton Minions to go destroying opposing defenses slowly and go away by attacking the main turret.

The interesting thing is always keep busy secondary turrets . Thus, if your troops will fall to attack the main and run less risk of being beaten by the way.

It is important to set up a deck of cards really terrain . For that we need grindscenarios over and over again, even though we already have all the chests of slots filled.If we win also get more gold, we can invest in improving our current deck until they get new cards to complete your configuration.