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6 Best Tricks Brawl Stars: Gems, Brawler and Strategies

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We begin to discover some tips and tricks that you probably did not know to play Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a truly amazing online shooter: numerous game modes and great frenzy that unites make this truly unique game. As much fun getting out there and “make some noise” it is important to take advantage of tips and tricks Brawl Stars to get immediately the most from this new game.

Let’s start with some tips and suggestions to be used immediately, in time we will update this article make it packed with strategies, tactics and tricks !

How quickly move the Brawlers and take the lead

In this game it is essential to be quick in his movements and equally quick to pursue its objective and therefore to attack: many operations are performed at a juncture of a second and often can claim victory or defeat. This is why we always recommend to use a feature that some do not know: the joystick mode.

As default on Brawl Star s the characters’ movements are dictated by the simple tap on the screen, but let’s all it is really uncomfortable and unproductive. Activating the function joystick of Brawl Stars, however, so you will have to optimize the movements of your Brawlers and after a minimum of familiarity you will gain a great advantage over their opponents. Follow the guide to turn the joystick on Stars Brawl mode and start now to win!

Hiding secrets: Hiding in the Battle Brawler

Many do not know, but in Brawl Stars battles you can hide in the tall grass Brawlers ! When your character is in fact the grass, the opposing players will not be able to shoot you or hit you, unless it is not cut off (using the SUPER attack, it is possible to completely mow the grass).

You can take advantage of this factor, simply positioning yourself to the limit and going out and attacking as soon as a rival player will turn the corner. But lay up carefully, because if a player is aware of your presence in the grass can tenderti ambush.

How to Steal Gems and Stars

When playing in almost every game modes like Bounty or Smash and Grab above the characters’ heads usually appears a number that refers to the number of Gems Stars or the player holds.

You can steal them all simply defeating him! Once appraiser fact, all the stars and the buds will be obtainable free of charge and without the least effort (or perhaps the minimum, you!).

Get Gems in Bounty mode Brawl Stars

In game mode Bounty on the winning team is proclaimed on the basis of the number of gems obtained, this means that the gems have an important role but not essential! You must be able to maintain at least 10 buds for 16 consecutive seconds . But as you get more gems?

At the heart of the challenge there is a magic box that radiates a purplish light (which you can see by the red arrow in the screenshot above), as will pop them out constantly gems. If your team manages to keep hidden or controls the area can earn for 2 reasons:

  • Get the buds quickly and effortlessly as it exits,
  • Take Chestnut opponents who are waiting to come out budsand then let them reset the amount of previously accumulated gems (bringing your team automatically in advantage).

Tricks to win on Brawl Stars

Many of the proposed methods like Bounty or Smash and Grab award the victory to the team that gets the highest number of stars or gems, it is important to be able to manage most of your Gang(unless it is not a casual multiplayer match).

Risking one player holds the largest number of gems is foolish if he is defeated, the team will lose the disadvantage. Therefore it is important to know how to organize tactics as the possibility to assign different roles:

  • 2 players will worry of accumulating gems and stars without going head to head with other players,
  • 1 Player cares proteggergli shoulders or only shoot down enemies to clear them gems.

Do not risk getting caught by the heat of the game and deal with enemies just to defend your palmares of stars or accumulated gems, organized better with your gang!