6 Best Tricks Brawl Stars: Gems, Brawler and Strategies

brawl stars tips and tricks for free gems online

We begin to discover some tips and tricks that you probably did not know to play Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a truly amazing online shooter: numerous game modes and great frenzy that unites make this truly unique game. As much fun getting out there and “make some noise” it is important to take advantage of tips and tricks Brawl Stars to get immediately the most from this new game.

Let’s start with some tips and suggestions to be used immediately, in time we will update this article make it packed with strategies, tactics and tricks !

How quickly move the Brawlers and take the lead

In this game it is essential to be quick in his movements and equally quick to pursue its objective and therefore to attack: many operations are performed at a juncture of a second and often can claim victory or defeat. This is why we always recommend to use a feature that some do not know: the joystick mode.

As default on Brawl Star s the characters’ movements are dictated by the simple tap on the screen, but let’s all it is really uncomfortable and unproductive. Activating the function joystick of Brawl Stars, however, so you will have to optimize the movements of your Brawlers and after a minimum of familiarity you will gain a great advantage over their opponents. Follow the guide to turn the joystick on Stars Brawl mode and start now to win!

Hiding secrets: Hiding in the Battle Brawler

Many do not know, but in Brawl Stars battles you can hide in the tall grass Brawlers ! When your character is in fact the grass, the opposing players will not be able to shoot you or hit you, unless it is not cut off (using the SUPER attack, it is possible to completely mow the grass).

You can take advantage of this factor, simply positioning yourself to the limit and going out and attacking as soon as a rival player will turn the corner. But lay up carefully, because if a player is aware of your presence in the grass can tenderti ambush.

How to Steal Gems and Stars

When playing in almost every game modes like Bounty or Smash and Grab above the characters’ heads usually appears a number that refers to the number of Gems Stars or the player holds.

You can steal them all simply defeating him! Once appraiser fact, all the stars and the buds will be obtainable free of charge and without the least effort (or perhaps the minimum, you!).

Get Gems in Bounty mode Brawl Stars

In game mode Bounty on the winning team is proclaimed on the basis of the number of gems obtained, this means that the gems have an important role but not essential! You must be able to maintain at least 10 buds for 16 consecutive seconds . But as you get more gems?

At the heart of the challenge there is a magic box that radiates a purplish light (which you can see by the red arrow in the screenshot above), as will pop them out constantly gems. If your team manages to keep hidden or controls the area can earn for 2 reasons:

  • Get the buds quickly and effortlessly as it exits,
  • Take Chestnut opponents who are waiting to come out budsand then let them reset the amount of previously accumulated gems (bringing your team automatically in advantage).

Tricks to win on Brawl Stars

Many of the proposed methods like Bounty or Smash and Grab award the victory to the team that gets the highest number of stars or gems, it is important to be able to manage most of your Gang(unless it is not a casual multiplayer match).

Risking one player holds the largest number of gems is foolish if he is defeated, the team will lose the disadvantage. Therefore it is important to know how to organize tactics as the possibility to assign different roles:

  • 2 players will worry of accumulating gems and stars without going head to head with other players,
  • 1 Player cares proteggergli shoulders or only shoot down enemies to clear them gems.

Do not risk getting caught by the heat of the game and deal with enemies just to defend your palmares of stars or accumulated gems, organized better with your gang!

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Super Mario Run, the first Mario on iPhone, what will happen?


Super Mario Run is a bet for Nintendo, the one to release a game on smartphones in order to convince this public to (re) come on games and Nintendo game consoles.

There is a precedent for Nintendo: Pokémon Go. The star application of this summer has allowed the games Pokémon consoles to explode their sales. The latest releases, Sun & Moon, released in November, were sold at 3.7 million games in less than two weeks on the American continent (nearly 500,000 in France).

So the turn of the Italian plumber. Super Mario Run, designed especially for smartphones and tablets, is a platform game in 2 dimensions (like the first games on Nes), taking the graphic codes of New Super Mario Bros released especially on Wii.

One-finger acrobatics

The difference is that Mario runs alone, the levels scrolling with him. Indeed, to compensate for the absence of buttons, the players will only manage the jump, with a simple press on the screen.

Simplified to the extreme, the game offers yet challenge: by typing more or less strong, but also by relying on the elements of the scenery, Mario can jump differently, make rolls, climb the wall, etc. Movements necessary to harvest special parts, which will unlock new paths in the levels, with new special parts that will unlock new paths, etc.

Normal coins will be used as coins to unlock new elements of the game, in particular to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom.

A challenge mode is also proposed. It will ask you to go through randomly generated levels, and to score better than other players – thanks to acrobatics or your piece score – so, again, to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ready to pay?

The game is therefore very complete. Which brings a fundamental question: will it meet financial success? Because if it is downloadable for free, it will pay 9.99 € to unlock the entire game (only the first three levels are accessible without paying).

Almost 10 €, it is not expensive for a console game, which Super Mario Run is closer by the content and quality. This is expensive for a smartphone game, the vast majority of which are free (or require micro-transactions).

To conquer a public more volatile than its fans without selling off its mascot? The challenge of Nintendo is as daunting as a level of Super Mario Run.

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Pokémon GO, why the phenomenon is sweeping augmented reality

pokemon go

Millions of people can not stop playing the new success of Nintendo, but this time played walking the streets, not sitting on the couch


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Cheats for One Piece Treasure Cruise


The best tricks for One Piece Treasure Cruise in one entry. Learn how some players get to be more efficient in combat and achieve more points with combos. Here you will learn a little about items, evolutions, manuals, training equipment, letters or the importance of friends in the game.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a role playing game we stepped off the other day and we’re supercontentos and flawed. After accumulating some experience and interact with other players we can offer a number of tricks.

Trick 1: Items and drop probability

In each shift characters can drop items, which can take advantage of, how many and what kind? We beli bag, a box or even a character. Seize it! According to the islands, the probability of falling can increase special events, mainly depending on the difficulty. It’s pure luck but is well taken into account

Trick 2: Character Evolution

Evolve a character can be key in the game. Otherwise you’ll be late prosperous but luckily can be achieved without great difficulty. Choose the character to evolve is quite a while. The trick is that we leave Usopp Golden Pound evolve, because it has a special ability.

Tip 3: Use good manuals

With manual you can get to improve a skill. Each manual is unique and valid for a single character. Unfortunately if not used well no skill is achieved so watch this. Of course, we always give 5000 experience points. It’s something.

Trick 4: Specialize your team building

The best battle formation. It’s really hard to say this is the best because they all have pros and cons. However , according to the experience of many veteran players, very good results are achieved with equipment of only 1 type attribute only skill, strength only .. ie specialized.If you lose the attributes I recommend you reread the guide One Piece Treasure Cruise .

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Tip 5: Take your cards.

Eating certain cards can be counterproductive. For example seahorses, penguins, crabs or dragons is best reserved for characters evolve. As some have several evolutions, try to reach ask for more.

Trick 6: The more friends you better

It seems patently obvious but it is important to have friends, particularly a captain for his ability to captain.

And that’s all for now, here the collection of the best tricks for  One Piece Treasure Cruise guide. Would you have liked, you have your any that you think should be? Discuss and learn all well.

10 Tips for Boom Beach that you can not miss

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Boom Beach is a game similar yet different from Clash of Clans (do not confuse wanted, eh). I’ve done several articles on the Clash and after a while playing Boom Beach (where I have not progressed much), I decided to make items to give some tips or advice in this game.

In my opinion, the game is good but not as much as the Clash (joke, are different). It has its good and bad points, the problem is that those who come from the Clash of Clans , we expected the same or similar but improved instead found a game with very different things, for example:

No builders , constructions made of 1 to 1, of course, the good point is that the most lasting are 3 days and something, but when they see the peak of construction, that point is removed.
They give away more gems (supposedly), it is easy to save them , but … clash was more useful buy builders, here, ehm … Buy resources.
– troops out victorious from an attack may be re – used, but you can not do them while you are attacking (technical very useful in the Clash of Clans ).
– Among other things.

Well, I’ll mention the other game (yes, I got tired of typing the name, I was about to have it copied for only having to press ctrl + v) and focus on Boom Beach cheats. Also read about mage and minions hack by clicking the link provided.

Tips Boom Beach that will be of great help:

1. Organize your island or base is one of the first questions you ask yourself, is that, who likes to attack and rob him? For that reason, I will try to lead you a little design that you must have in your early levels, but yes, remember that everything has to be trial and error; and if you attack a strong opponent, little could you do with the design to succeed.

When you start the game about the top levels (where I will focus as it is a guide for newbies), I recommend you place the barracks by side (with no defense) and keep the village organized with other buildings and defenses, and if you put theheadquarters and all defenses in one place, and the other buildings in another, you’re giving your attacker all these points so you can throw missiles, heal, guide the troops, et cetera.

2. Take advantage of the trees as your Cuarte l, are a good source of wood when you have desire to attack or cannot find opponent. By this I mean not waste (yes, trees ).

3. To move from headquarters is the same as in the Clash, Do not turn up the barracks if other buildings are not the most! recalls that makes you more vulnerable (defenses) and is more difficult to make the other buildings (if not feel good and your resources are difficult opponents).

4. Diamonds are very precious, do not spend on unnecessary construction or accelerations. Surely you will need some time and regret, unless you want to spend money on the game and good … it is yours !. You can also get diamonds through achievement.

5. Enter every day and browse the map from your island you can pick up your daily bonus map and find chests that will offer free diamonds (yikes!
Our favorite word).

6. Keep updated your ships, the gunboat and your troops. If you have updated the ships will give you more army, if you update the gunship will have more points available and if you upgrade the troops will be stronger, therefore, it is essential to have a powerful attack on the levels that you handle you.

7. Attacks with intelligence, even if you do not have the flare to lead the troops, ships can drop on the side that suits you, if there are buildings without protection to take advantage of them turn up points to your gunboat and may have better support.

8. Take advantage of the option to explore ALWAYS, it is very helpful in making the right strategy to attack your enemy.

9. Try that whenever a building is completed, put another is a way to move faster in the game, I know it can be a bit difficult, but to get into these games you have to catch a little (well, you serve the advice I gave you the trees for when you’re busy and you get the Message that x construction finished). When your constructions are being done, attacks and improves the troops (yes you can improve troops at the same time a edifio) and when construction is finished, you can build again.

10. Do not forget to improve the sawmill and homes for more resources and radar , and thanks to him have the chance to explore new islands and to fill our precious resources. Moreover, the more you explore, you appear more chests.

Oh, I forgot .. Actually are 12 tips, here are the two NAPA:

11. When you have statues, use them, these will greatly help you throughout the game speeding up your productions. The easiest to get are fragments of life and ice, the others are a little more difficult, but not impossible, play on Wednesdays and Saturdays offers an island “Doctor Terror” where we have the opportunity to get them .

12. If the battle does not go well, that is, it is very likely going to lose, it is preferable to withdraw (yes, put aside pride please) as this will not kill your troops and you can use them again (only those that have left standing).

And that was it, if you liked, please share it on your social networks and help me to reach more people. If you do not play Clash of Clans , I recommend you try and read my articles about him, and that will help a lot.

With 8 Ball Pool Hack, Tips & Tricks for billiards ace

8 ball pool tips

If an 8 Ball Pool Hack needed to advance in the popular Miniclip game to billiards pro? We have the best tips and tricks for tournament successes at hand. Now einlochen all the balls!

The billiard game from Miniclip enjoys great popularity. Gamers can look for the download of 8 Ball Pool App compete against players from around the world and put their skills at billiards in tournaments to prove. To hold its own against the best pool player, takes practice and perhaps an ace up his sleeve …

8 Ball Pool Hack: risky cheating

Vornweg: With us you can get hold of any cheat codes or hacking tools. While there are a variety of these deals in the network. However, it is not recommended, because behind the pages often stuck scammers who want to take a money and / or private user data from his pocket. For the downloads are often equipped with malware or not to bring a subscription unnoticed into the house. Moreover risked the user that the account it will be blocked. So if you prefer to be in a legal way for billiards ace, is right here.

Tips and Tricks for 8 Ball Pool

The fact that for successful tournaments no 8 Ball Pool Hack or any cheat codes needed, we want to show on the basis of this advice.

note pawn position

Before the shot, you should always think about where the cue ball should be best for the next train. So look again at rest on the table for further balls, also can help the white guideline. The question then is: How hard the cue ball must be played in order to bring them into the ideal position for your next shot?

  • Just Turn: A hard shock brings the white ball to where the various players was. A gentle push lets keep on rolling.

Best practice: Offline Mode

Practice creates masters! In order to become familiar with the behavior of the cue and balls, you should use the offline mode in any case. There you can without being embarrassed at other players, practice until the shocks sitting. If you then go to the tournament, the other players might think you used a 8 Ball Pool Hack – because you so cleverly pocketing balls.

Other tips for successful billiards

In addition, these options should not miss:

  • There are ways to pause the game
  • invite friends via Facebook, brings 500 Coins
  • Anyone logging in with Facebook will also receive Coins
  • receive bonuses on advertising (Promotions)
  • Use spin feature to control white ball
  • Position the power strip is variable (Settings)
  • the ball must meet the gang if you have holed nothing, otherwise it counts as a foul